Tell Me Your Love Story-Brynne and Jonathan

Brynne Kazlo and Jonathan3

SWAK bride Brynne and her husband Jonathan had what many would call a whirlwind romance–they met during the summer of 2014 and married in January 2015. When I asked Brynne to tell me her love story, she said it was essentially love at first sight. She’s a social worker in a psychiatric facility, and Jonathan was just hired as a security guard when their paths first crossed. She often worked with her office door open, and Jonathan would come in uninvited and start up a conversation. Brynne says there was an instant connection, but at the time she wasn’t in a hurry to jump into a relationship, so she didn’t respond the first couple of times he gave her his phone number. She couldn’t resist him for long though, and when they finally went out on their first date she said they both knew they had found ‘the one.

Once they started dating there was no separating the two of them, and they were engaged by November. Brynne says there was no point in waiting to get married, as they both knew they had found their soulmate. They considered eloping, but in the end decided that they wanted to be surrounded by their family and friends when they made their vows. I asked her what it was like planning the wedding in only a month, a process that takes most other couples a year or more to plan out, and she said it was rather easy. They were focused on being together, not on the details of the event, and in the end everything fell into place on its own. They were married in a lovely ceremony on January 3, 2015.

When I asked Brynne what advice she would give to brides-to-be, she said she would tell them not to get hung up on the details. Everyone worries about making sure every aspect of the wedding is perfect, but she says down the road you’re not going to remember what your wedding colors were or what flowers you chose for the centerpieces; you’re going to remember getting married to the love of your life.

Congratulations again, Brynne and Jonathan!

Brynn Kazlo Collage

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