Tell Me Your Love Story–Nicole and Hannes

Kroll 25

Nicole met her husband Hannes while working as a nurse at a Massachusetts hospital. Hannes, originally from Berlin, was working on an internship there when his friends told him about a German speaking nurse working in the ICU he should meet. When he first approached her about going out on a date Nicole was a little nervous about dating someone from work, but now she’s glad that didn’t stop her from saying yes–she soon learned he was perfect for her.

Hannes was still very new to the area, and had to research restaurants and places to take Nicole on their first date. He picked her up and began driving to the restaurant, but since he didn’t know his way around quite yet it wasn’t too long before he realized they were lost. He didn’t mention this to Nicole though and simply continued driving, and Nicole was too engrossed in their conversation to notice that they were driving in circles–that is, until she realized they had just driven through the same toll road twice. Despite being two hours late to the restaurant, Nicole and Hannes had a great time that night, and they’ve been together ever since. Later, when Hannes learned he needed to relocate for a position at UVA, Nicole decided to move with him, and together they began their lives in Charlottesville.

In 2013, three years after they met, Hannes asked Nicole to marry him. It was near the holidays and they took a trip to Berlin to visit his family. Around the holidays there are Christmas markets throughout Germany, and they were walking and shopping at one when Nicole suspected something might be going on. She was enjoying browsing the market and wasn’t in a hurry to leave, but Hannes seemed nervous, and kept bringing up a reservation he had made and how they shouldn’t miss it. They were soon at the Reichstag (German Parliament) Building, which is known for its gorgeous roof terrace and glass dome ceiling. They had to walk through security in order to enter the building, and Hannes was nervous about getting through it without Nicole finding out about the engagement ring he had hidden in his pocket. He managed to keep it a secret however, and soon they were riding the elevator to the top floor. It was there, beneath the beautiful glass dome ceiling, that he got down on one knee and proposed–Nicole described it as the perfect moment.

Another perfect moment came about when Nicole visited our Charlottesville store a little less than a year before the wedding. Her mother was in town for a short visit, and they decided it would be a great opportunity to shop for wedding gowns together. Nicole tried on several gowns that she and her mother liked, but they knew her Casablanca Bridal gown was “the one” the moment she put it on. Once she tried on a cathedral length Laura Jayne veil with the gown the tears started flowing, and Nicole said yes to the dress. She was so happy that she not only found her dream dress, but also that her mother was there to take part in the experience.

Nicole and Hannes got married this summer in a lovely ceremony and reception that integrated many German traditions, including a log cutting ceremony, which represents the first obstacle a couple must overcome as newlyweds. The log they received turned out to be much, much bigger than expected, and their guests were very much amused as they watched the couple attempt to cut through the it. They also played a game where the bride is blindfolded then touches the legs of several men in an attempt to identify which one of them is their husband. The happy couple and their guests had an amazing night of fun and laughter, and Nicole says the wedding was everything she had hoped it would be. We here at Sealed With A Kiss wish them both the very best!

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