Ask Pat: Help! How do I choose a bridesmaid dress that all my bridesmaids will love?

Photo of our Sealed With A Kiss bride Maitland. Photo Courtesy of Wendell Powell Studio.


Dear Pat: I have ten bridesmaids in my bridal party and I want to choose a style that will be flattering on all of them, but they are all different heights and body shapes. How can I be sure the bridesmaid style I choose is something that they’ll all love?

All brides have this dilemma, and there a few things you can do to be sure all your bridesmaids will be happy in the style you choose.

Asking  your bridesmaids what styles they like and are comfortable with can be most helpful. Have them send you pictures of styles or create a Pinterest board where they can all pin all their  dress ideas and preferences, then go through them and see what kind of styles and necklines the majority of your girls seem comfortable with. Even if you don’t choose a particular dress they showed you, you’ll have a better idea of what they do and don’t like and can keep that in mind when you choose a dress for them.

If you’ve chosen a style or have narrowed down the choices but aren’t quite sure they’ll work for all your bridesmaids, then it’s best to have them all try on the dress(es) you’re interested in. Whether this means finding a time that everyone can get together and head over to the bridal shop, or if it means each girl will have to head out on her own to find a local bridal shop that carries the style and then text you a picture of herself in it, this is the best way for you and the girls in your party to see what styles work.

You should also consider giving your bridesmaids a few options. You could give them two or three styles to  choose from, or give them a preferred designer and color and let them choose their own style, or even just tell them to choose complementary styles and colors. Mix and match bridesmaid styles are very popular, and for good reason–they look great and each of your bridesmaids can choose which of the options you gave them suits them best.

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