When It’s Not What You Dreamed

We plan for our big day for years. Some of us have envisioned this day our entire lives. We keep scrapbooks, magazines, and Pinterest boards full of our favorite gowns and ideas. These ideas are very easy to hold onto and become attached to, after all, we birthed them all on our own. It becomes very personal when it’s finally our time to make our visions come to life, but something doesn’t go as planned.

 As bridal stylists, we’ve  found that often times, brides will become very attached to their vision, so much so, that it becomes difficult for them to branch out and try new gown styles. We see the frustration when a bride is finding that the style and shape they originally dreamed of isn’t working for them now that they’re seeing it in person. We see them try on every dress that fits the original idea, but they are still unable to fall in love. This is where we step in.


 When we see the dissatisfaction overpowering the joy and excitement of what the appointment should be, this is when we pause, take a step back, and talk through what isn’t working for the bride. Most of the time, we find that the best thing to do is to try something completely new and start a clean slate. We pick out gowns the bride wouldn’t normally think to try on and encourage an open mind. This is when a lot of the magic happens.

 A lot of the time a bride will come looking for a specific style or shape and leave the store completely in love with something they never would have imagined. We love it when this happens because we get to watch our bride not only fall in love, but also form a completely new dream. They can finally see themselves walking down the aisle to their fiance or having their first dance.


We absolutely encourage having that dream. We also encourage keeping an open heart when the process becomes difficult. Don’t become discouraged. This experience that you have with us is so important and we do our best to see that our brides leave happy and in love. We love our jobs and seeing all of our brides overjoyed by their gowns. Your dream dress is out there and we’re here to help you find it.



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