Margaret Hazelett: A Wedding Tale



Margaret Hazelett came to us with a vision. She knew exactly what she wanted in her dress, and by conveying that to our in-house designer, Susan Sorbello, she got just that. She got married at 2nd Baptist Church with a reception following at The Country Club of Virginia West Hampton. She chose The Country Club because she loved that they catered to her needs and wants, making her feel like the venue was truly hers for her special day.

Margaret had a beautiful wedding day. Her favorite part was being able to be with all those people who are special to her. Margaret shares with us that even during that exchange, the emotions were palpable, explaining how they both teared up a little, admittedly she did more so, which made it all the more special.



She explained that the day went very well, sharing that there were a few little hiccups here and there, but she was really the only one who knew about them. She remained calm throughout the day and shared that her secret was simply to realize that there was nothing else she could do. She had hired experts with whom she had the opportunity to get to know well during her wedding planning, so trusting them to take care of everything was relatively easy to her.



Her event coordinator at The Country Club of Virginia helped her truly be present and enjoy the day by allowing for her and her new husband to take special “moments.” Margaret says her favorite moment was right after the ceremony, before the reception. She and her husband were taken to a private room with champagne to simply relish the moment, just the two of them, before being announced and joining their guests. Margaret says she took lots of “moments” like this on her wedding day. She wasn’t always able to have them be so significant as a private room, but a simple pause here and there to take in everything really helped to stay in the moment. She even took time to jot down her favorite wedding day memories in a journal the next morning so that she could remember it always.


The reception ended with a gorgeous display of celebratory fireworks. Margaret felt that in this moment, her friends and family truly celebrated her and her new husband as they allowed them forward for the show, showing Margaret that in that moment and throughout her entire marriage, they were, and always would be behind her.