But I only wear it one day….


Does this sound familiar? Have you heard this, or something like it? Or have you said it yourself?

The truth? No, you don’t just wear your dress one day. Okay, yes, you’d be correct. You do only wear your wedding dress one day, but let’s think about a few things.

Are you going to be having pictures taken in this dress?

Are you going to be hanging or placing these photos around your home?

Will you be sharing those photos with loved ones?

Will they be putting those photos around their homes?

Did you say yes to most of these? Then now you see, as much as it is true, you only wear the dress for one day, you are also wearing that dress everyday for the rest of your life. “The Dress” is one of the most important aspects of a wedding to a woman outside of the ultimate goal of why the wedding is occurring. It’s important that she feels good, confident, and sexy (yes, sexy – as in feeling good about how she looks and knows she looks good).

It’s so important for a bride to have THE dress that she wants. Looking at those pictures on the mantel will be a daily reminder of the entire day. The association with the meaning of that dress will invoke emotions daily. We want the right emotions evoked. We want our brides to look at those pictures and smile, feel so good about themselves, and confident.

We look forward to helping you find that dress.

We Have Hundreds of Beautiful Wedding Photos…Now What ?

The big day has come and gone, you are waiting with anticipation to see all the pictures to bring back all the great memories. The photographer finally calls with the news, your wedding day photos are ready!

First thing’s First
Most photographers send your photos digitally. Be prepared as soon as you get them to back them up even more than once just in case they expire or are mishandled. Now take your time and absorb, gush and shed some happy tears while reflecting on the memories from that day.

Next, share share share!
Not all of course, but a select few. You can even decided to make an album for all the close participants to enjoy at their own leisure. Feel free to share as a timeline of the day with cute captions of the highlights.


In a digital world do not forget about the traditional photo album
In today’s digital age, traditional photo albums and scrapbooks have become a thing of the past for many, but nothing compares to flipping through an album and getting all the feels. When you begin to celebrate your 25th anniversary you will want to reach for the paper album and not a digital file. For such a special occasion, it makes crafting a special wedding album to cherish worth it. Especially so you can pass it down through generations. You may opt to work with your photographer to create a leather bound, luxury album for you and your families, or work with an online service like Shutterfly or Minted. Creating a physical album from your wedding day is not something you’ll regret. And besides, who knows where Facebook and Instagram will be when you’re old and gray?


Prints and Canvases
Go print crazy! Selecting your favorite images will be difficult, but this is an occasion where it’s okay to go a little overboard. Thanks to the Internet, you can go crazy with your fingertips. You can order prints, canvases, photo gifts, calendars, and novelty items. Before you go completely crazy, stop and make a plan. Think of all the locations you may want a photo or two of the big day, and work from there. While you probably don’t want to turn your home into an overwhelming art gallery of yourself and husband, having images scattered throughout is a beautiful way to relive the special times. It’s okay to order a few more than necessary, too. You can always swap out images, and have fun figuring out where certain photos, sizes, and frames look best.


Thank-You Cards
Most married couples are excited to put their beautiful photos to good use. One of the best and most timely ways to do this is by selecting your favorite images to use on your thank you cards. Not only will your guests love seeing special moments from your big day as you express your gratitude , but you’ll be sure that your images are being seen and appreciated, and not just posted on social media or stuck in a file sharing space somewhere on the web.

The happy couple are not the only ones who have been anxiously awaiting wedding images. Your excited parents, siblings, and besties all love seeing your images for the first (or tenth) time and will be just as excited. Share the love and excitement and consider gifting framed prints or photo gifts to those closest to you for upcoming holiday, birthday, or special occasions. Remember not everyone wants to pull out the computer or phone to share your memories. Photos make a great gift and your loved ones will cherish them forever.


Written by Susan Walters
Photography by Michelle Kuzmick