Fall Market 2016 Recap


It’s been a couple weeks since our trip to NYC for Fall Bridal Market, and we’ve finally recovered from the whirlwind of a trip it was. We saw and did so much during the trip, and we were impressed by what designers had out on the runway this season. Here are a few of the highlights!

Checking out the latest trends.

Sheer details have been showing up on the runways more and more, and this season was no exception. Many designers used sheer cut outs and sheer backs in their designs, while others opted to push the limit and showcase designs that were mostly sheer.

Left Image: All over sheer design from Muse by Callie Tien; Right Image: Sheer side cut outs on an Anny Lin design.

Floral prints have also been on the rise over the last couple years, and we love it! Many brides are embracing colors and prints on their wedding gowns so it’s great to see that designers are answering the call.

Left: New print design from Modern Trousseau; Right: Print design from Anny Lin

Seeing a brand new line.

One of our favorite designers, Callie Tien of Modern Trousseau, debuted her new collection–Muse. These gowns were haute couture at its best.


We loved the high end fabrics she used in her designs, especially the lace. The silhouettes were dramatic, and brides who want to make a statement with their wedding gown are sure to fall in love with these gowns.


Catching up with the designers.

While the runway shows are fun to watch, often our favorite part of the market experience is talking to the designers–it gives us a chance  to find out how the new collection came about and what they’re working on next.

Paula Varsalona Bridal

From left to right: Our operations manger Jessica, Paula of Paula Varsalona Bridal, and our owner Susan at the Paula Varsalona Showroom

Paula of Paula Varsalona Bridal is always up to something–in addition to designing she teaches at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and regularly blogs for bridalpulse.com. We had a great time hearing about her current endeavors, and we just can’t believe she found the time to create such a gorgeous collection amidst everything else she does. Her new line is a mix of “bohemian bliss” and “city chic,” and every bride is sure to find a gown she loves in the collection.

Anny Lin Bridal


We’re always excited to catch up with Anny Lin, and her new collection did not disappoint! We always expect her gowns to have dramatic silhouettes and gorgeous details, but we were still in awe at how beautiful many of these designs were. Her new line featured gowns with sheer details, prints, 3-D flowers and lots of beads!


Overall we had a great time at market, and we are really excited about all the new designs we’ve selected to stock in our boutique. The worst part is having to wait for all our gorgeous new samples to arrive in store, but they are always worth the wait!

Behind the Scenes at Sealed With A Kiss: Fall Bridal Market!

From Left to Right: Pat, Susan, Callie and Jennie at the Modern Trousseau New York Show Room during Spring Bridal Market

It’s that time of year again! This weekend is Bridal Market in New York City, which means our owner and a few lucky staff members get to make the drive up to the Big Apple to check out the latest in bridal fashion. While attending market is always fun and exciting, we’re there to work. This is the time we carefully select which designers and dresses we want to carry in our boutique, and it’s one of the most important aspects of our job. The designers we choose to carry and the specific styles we decide to order for our shop are a direct reflection of who we are as a boutique, so the pressure is on to choose wisely.

Before bridal market even begins we have to research and speak to the designers we already carry and designers we’re considering carrying, in order to make an appointment to view their collection. There are hundreds of fashion shows and viewings going on at the same time, making it impossible to see them all, so a lot of thought goes into deciding whose collections we’ll see and whose we won’t. Two of the most important things we take into consideration are the designers reputation for quality craftsmanship and their willingness to make their designs “bespoke,” so that they are easily customized to suit the needs and styles of our brides.

Jennie, Susan, Paula and Pat at the Paula Varsalona NYC Studio

Our owner Susan is the designer of our in-house Sorbello Couture collection, so she has an eye for fabrics and construction, and she hand selects every piece we carry in our store. She’s developed close relationships with many designers during her time in the industry, and we find that our close partnerships with them ultimately benefit our brides.  It especially comes in handy during bridal market, since many of the designers we work with will invite us to their private work rooms to view the collections, and this means we can get up close and personal with the designs in a way we wouldn’t have an opportunity to do during just a runway show. Getting such an in depth look at the designs means we know what changes can be made to the dresses and fabrics, we know what styles are up and coming, and we can assure our brides that they’re getting great quality because we have seen how these gowns are designed and crafted.

We can’t wait to see what bridal market has in store for us, and we’ll be working hard all weekend to be sure we choose only the best gowns for our brides. We’ll be sharing pictures straight from the runway and workrooms so that you can see everything that we’re up to, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. NYC here we come!

Behind the Scenes at Sealed With A Kiss: Off To Bridal Market We Go!

New York Bridal Market is this weekend, and for those of you not familiar with what this is, here’s the rundown: designers release their new lines of wedding gowns and buyers and bridal shop owners line up to see and choose which designers and dresses they’ll want to carry in their shop.

Sounds simple right? Well, it’s actually a lot of work.


Dozens of runway shows are going on at any given time and they’re often spread all about the city, making it difficult to see more than a handful of collections. That’s why before we even get to market we have to decide which designers and collections we most want to see during the few days we’re there. This is especially difficult, because we want to choose designers who not only design high quality gowns, but who will be good to work with and willing to make changes to their designs to meet the needs of our brides. Every bride has her own unique style and we need to be able to cater to whatever that style may be. That’s why we select a variety of collections, offering styles that range from flowy and romantic destination gowns to beaded and elegant ball gowns. We do our best to choose designers who are willing to alter their designs, as well as designers who offer accessories like belts and detachable sleeves that enable a bride to make the gown a direct reflection of her own style.

We also have to consider how much our brides are willing to spend on their wedding gowns. While we might love a certain designer’s collections and think they’re a great company to work with, we have to consider whether or not the prices of their gowns will be within reach for the majority of our brides. We do our best to meet the needs of brides with any size budget, so we can’t go working solely with designers whose gowns are over $5000. We therefore make a point of selecting designers and collections that we know will provide high quality gowns at a range of prices.


Keeping all this in mind, what we’ll be doing this weekend is carefully selecting which designers to see during market and then select the gowns from their line that we believe are best suited for the brides who come to our store. It’s bound to be stressful but this is one of our favorite parts of the job. The dresses we buy at market likely won’t hit our stores until the late summer and fall, but once they do finally arrive we love to see how happy our brides are with our selection–that makes all the stress worth it!

Our bridal market adventures begin tomorrow, so be sure to follow our blog and our Instagram (@sealedwithakisscville) to see what we’re up to!